Electricity shortage information

For some weeks now, various news channels in Switzerland have been informing about the impending power shortage.

The stepping stone AG would like to inform you which precautions it has prepared and will prepare for the emergency. Also it would like to inform you what the pricing policy in the data centre will look like in future.

Recently, OSTRAL (Organisation für Stromversorgung in Ausserordentlichen Lagen) which is responsible for Switzerland-wide measures in the event of a power blackout, has published the possible Massnahmen (German) which would be applied in such a case. In this case, a multi-stage scenario is envisaged:

  • Appeals for voluntary electricity saving
  • Ban of not absolutely necessary energy-intensive devices
  • Quota system for large consumers
  • Rolling grid disconnections

For several weeks, stepping stone AG has been addressing this issue together with the operator of its data centres, analyzing the possible scenarios and deriving measures to ensure the fully functional operation of both data centres.

The scenarios that stepping stone AG has dealt with are contingency and rolling network shutdowns.


In the contingency scenario, the goal is to reduce the power used by the data centres. Since the data centres are already very efficient (freecooling, solar power, high efficiency chillers, lights, heat recovery), stepping stone AG is forced to partially switch to generator during the contingency period.

At the same time, stepping stone AG internally reviews which non-critical systems, such as test and laboratory systems, can be shut down off during the contingency period.

Rolling network shutdowns

In the rolling network shutdown scenario, the entire infrastructure is switched to the generators.

The data centres generators can run for one week without interruption. All diesel tanks have been checked and are fully topped up.

Electricity prices for 2023

The operator of the data centres is currently in price negotiations with the energy supply company. There will probably be no price adjustments..

Prices during power shortage

With the introduction of consumption control by the federal government (rolling grid shutdowns and contingency), stepping stone AG will be dependent on the generators. During this time, electricity prices will not be adjusted.

Procedure in case of electricity shortage

Should this situation occur, stepping stone AG will inform its customers and partners about measures and procedures.