Retrospection on the Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) in Schichtwechsel

On Friday, the 1st of September 2023, stepping stone AG held its annual partner, customer and networking conference for the 13th time.

In a relaxing atmosphere, various presentations were given around the topic of Software Bill of Materials (SBOM):

The presentations were followed by an Apéro and interesting discussions. In between, we held a raffle with prizes out of our region:

First prize: The bottle Marc de la Cour de Berne went to Igor Metz from fence IT AG.

Second Prize: A bottle of Schafiser Pinot Noir and Schafiser Chasselas from the Vineyard of the City of Berne went to Stephan Amann also from fence IT AG.

Third Prize: The case of Felsenau Junker beer went to Angela Scherer, CEO of the Aiza GmbH.

Already looking forward to the next event? Save the date, Friday the 6th of September 2024.